Monday, November 28, 2005

Out of Touch, or DON'T TOUCH ME, PLEASE!

The Jr. Questers have had back-to-back releases of the Chicken Pox(wikipedia). Leora was first, and got rave reviews at the box office. I would estimate her pox count at around 300-400. After her 10-day stint Anwyn decided to cash in. She has just released Chicken Pox -- The Directors Cut. It is much more graphic and true to the original vision of the disease. Her audience has been treated to a digitally enhanced fever using 103.8F technology, several never before seen sequences of poc-marks with extra dynamic range in swelling AND Low estimates suggest as many as 600-700 EXTRA pox have been added for general viewing pleasure.

Beyond this exciting time of childhood-rights-of-passage, I have recently auditioned for Off Broadway's production of Little Shop of Horrors(imdb). It was great fun auditioning, but I think I will decline if I am offered a role. I very much want to work with Summer Players again and I was a bit nervous about some of the things I saw at the audition. That and I don't think they will cast me anyway.

The week before that I ran with one of my many sisters-in-law. We each donated $40 to participate in the 5km "Jingle Bell Run." I was really proud of Liz, who has only begun to run since the summer. The bells were a bit noisy, but the cause was one I have a personal stake in (arthritis). Apparently you can collect pledges which I may just do next year--watch out!

So, you probably also know that I am working with James Klenz (of Prince Albert fame) on a little film project of his. I participated in my first shoot with him in Mid November. It was the first film thing I have done and I enjoyed standing out in the cold waiting for automobile, airplane and rooster noise to subside so I could say a couple of hasty lines or take one of the several beatings that he laid on me during our 4-hour shoot. No, it was fun, really. There is much more to happen with this project and I should get to shoot with him again in a couple of weeks.

So, now you and I are almost up-to-date. My only other time committment of note would be preping for the coming x-mas season. Wendy, the kids and I have been busy putting together our usually aggressive selection of cookies, squares and fudge (chicken pox extra). I have also been on a tough schedule in my own version of Santa's workshop making a few things for some of you lucky devils out there. Will it be you? Won't it? You will just have to wait and see.

Do try not to be a stranger, would ya?