Friday, August 05, 2005

Ottablog-part the second

The OPP (the Ontario analogue to the RCMP) are omnipresent. During this day of driving, I spotted no less than 15 of their cruisers on the highway--AND they have been busy. Many empty cars line the ditches, attesting to what must be the many DUI's over the long weekend. Combine that with the stupidly low speedlimit on the highways (70-90kmph) and it makes for one long day of driving. We anticipated getting to Lee and Sandy's around 7pm local time, but bad news for us, because we found about 3hrs of extra highway somewhere. Speed limits may have had an impact as well as Anwyn's funnel-like digestive tract. During parts of the day, we were compelled to stop more than hourly!
Anyway it was close to 10pm when we arrived at 8161 fallowfield road (googlemaps). Their house is actually right above the google marker and the dark mark beside the house is Sandy's very large and beautiful pond. I was very tired and I'm not sure I've ever felt more glad to be at a journey's end (or middle if you want to quibble).