Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Perhaps I mean my life. Maybe. Or it might just be library books, videos, blogging, and quality time with my wife. The musical has a way of eating all my spare time.

The problem is the singing, or rather, my singing. It is a real challenge for me. I'm used to doing things that I am already good enough at to get by. But for this music, that is definitely not the case. So I spend as much of my spare time as possible trying to get all the notes right. It is pretty hard when you can't read music and there is no melody to follow. I'm getting better. Last night our musical director, Dr. David Kaplan, did his best to reassure me that it was 'all a process' and that I was getting the job done.

On the flip, as I have always found, it is terrific to work with so many young, talented, or (my favorite) young AND talented people. I can come home from a rehearsal at 10pm, exhausted, and still not be able to sleep for an hour or two because I am so full of adrenaline.

Bad news for Vin and James... I said I would likely be in for this QT, but alas, it cannot be. I shall have to settle for offering my corpse up for slaughter on Saturday. And Vin, I'll see you at the ACC on Thursday, I hope.